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EMI Free Loan

EMI free personal loan is one of the most unique and innovative personal loan in India conceptualized and offered by LCPPL to salaried professionals. This loan is a combination of monthly repayments of interest only along with bullet repayments of principal loan amount. Once the principal payment is realized in the loan account, the total outstanding loan balance reduces and fresh interest calculations are effected based on new outstanding. Monthly cash outflow under EMI Free personal loan product are lower by 40%, compared to regular Personal Loan products.

Personal Overdraft

Overdraft personal loan from LCPPL comes with a flexibility and convenience, you can get the loan sanctioned and keep it ready for use as and when required like an overdraft (OD) facility typically provided to a firm or company. Under overdraft personal loan you pay the interest on loan only when you use the funds. Set up your own overdraft limit similar to a corporate account. Avail disbursement against this limit whenever you want. The same can be paid anytime during the facility period.

Personal Loan

LCPPL facilitates fastest online delivery of Personal Loan. Besides quick delivery, we also ensure higher loan amount with easy repayment options.